Master Class


Encaustic Master Class at Durham Arts Council

This workshop will take place March 18th-24th, Sat-Fri (7 6-hour days), but you can choose to attend for 2 days (Sat-Sun), three days (Sat-Mon), or seven days (Sat-Friday).

Content and Structure

This affordable course will cover advanced encaustic techniques such as shellac burns, painting on metal and plexiglass, incorporating oil paint, pours, and creating highly dimensional pieces. The first three days will have 2-hour demonstration periods starting at 10:45, and the following 4 days will have shorter demonstration periods to maximize creation time.

What Makes This Workshop Special?

You’ll be able to witness a new technique in a demo and have time to incorporate it into a finished piece. This is the perfect time to bring a complex or time-intensive encaustic piece to life or to rework an older piece. You’ll get the opportunity to interact with and learn from guest instructors as well as other students.

Tuition and Fees

A tiered provided materials fee is due at the beginning of the workshop: $50 for 2-day, $70 for 3-day, and $100 for 7-day (check or cash). The suggested materials for this workshop are available at a 20% discount through a local Durham art supply store.