Encaustic Painting and Collage Supply List

Provided Materials


  • Unlimited encaustic medium (this is a "clear" medium, and is different than encaustic paint)
  • Paraffin wax for cleaning brushes & surfaces

Pigment Sources

  • Limited encaustic paint (colors vary, additional colors available for purchase)
  • Dry pigments, Pan Pastels, pigment applicators
  • India ink and alcohol-based inks
  • Latex-free gloves for pigment and oil paint work

Heat Tools and Sources

  • Heated palette for waxes, tins for melting waxes
  • Various-sized fusing irons (small and medium quilting-sized irons), heated Craypens for painting
  • Torches (butane and propane)
  • Heat guns (made for encaustic)

Tools for Painting, Sculpting, and Collage

  • 2-4 ready-to-hang cradled panels for painting and/or collaging (sizes vary; please contact us if you have a specific panel size in mind)
  • Bristle brushes
  • Stencils and patterns
  • Carving, texturizing and sgraffito tools
  • Line drawings for collage
  • Burnishing tools for image transferring
  • Various artist tapes for edge work
  • Thread for line-making and collage
  • Scissors

Recommended Materials

Collage material of your choice if you plan to work in collage. See our list of encaustic-compatible materials here

Encaustic paint of specific preferred colors. Meaning, if you plan to create a piece that incorporates colors as specific as say, Prussian Blue and Napthol Red, you'll want to buy those encaustic paints or dry pigments from our recommended vendors

Optional Materials

See our list of encaustic-compatible materials here. Remember, this list is not exhaustive, so feel free to bring a material to the workshop to test it. We'll evaluate it's safety in the encaustic studio, then advise on it's compatibility with the medium.